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Deliverable Number Responsible WP Deliverable Name Delivery Month Download
D2.1 WP2 Roadmap for the delivery and deployment of National AAIs in Latin America 3 Deliverables
D2.2 WP2 On line Training Material on AAI development for Staff training 7 Deliverables
D2.3 WP2 AAI Pilot 10 Deliverables
D2.4 WP2 AAI Preparation (Assess the Identity Management of participating institutions) 12 Deliverables
D2.5 WP2 AAI Implementation 12 Deliverables
D2.6 WP2 Follow up Recommendations and Final Progress Report 16 Deliverables
D2.7 WP2 AAI Implementation Phase II 24 Deliverables
D3.1 WP3 HQVCS scope agreement between Latin America and Europe 7 Deliverables
D3.2 WP3 Pilot Test System of a GDS and Integrated Video-conference Service 12 Deliverables
D3.3 WP3 Guidelines for HQVCS 17 Deliverables
D3.4 WP3 Pilot Test System of a GDS and integrated VC service with 3 institutions among LA and EU 18 Deliverables
D3.5 WP3 EduCONF and SIVIC resources available 22 Deliverables
D4.1 WP4 Demonstration of eduroam at TICAL 2012 Conference 2 Deliverables
D4.2 WP4 Roadmap for the delivery and deployment of National eduroam (RO) in Latin America 7 Deliverables
D4.3 WP4 Material of Virtual course for technical staff training on line 9 Deliverables
D4.4 WP4 Pilot eduroam Infrastructure for training purposes 11 Deliverables
D4.5 WP4 Report on eduroam preparation 12 Deliverables
D4.6 WP4 eduroam Implementation 15 Deliverables
D4.7 WP4 Follow up actions and perspectives 20 Deliverables
D5.1 WP5 User needs Report 6 Deliverables
D5.2 WP5 Service model definition for a community service framework between Latin America and Europe 6 Deliverables
D5.3 WP5 Prototype of the federated portal system for access to research communities tools and cloud services 12 Deliverables
D5.4 WP5 Federated Portal System Beta 14 Deliverables
D5.5 WP5 Report on beta version user’s feedback 18 Deliverables
D5.6 WP5 Pilot Portal Online 24 Deliverables
D6.1 WP6 Database of Identified LA-EU Research Groups 5 Deliverables
D6.2 WP6 Training videos and support service on line 6 Deliverables
D6.3 WP6 Testimonies of best practices regarding Case Studies 7 Deliverables
D6.4 WP6 Large Scale VC Blueprint 12 Deliverables
D6.5 WP6 Testimonies Best Practices 14 Deliverables
D6.6 WP6 Report on Large facilities and Remote Instrumentation 18 Deliverables
D6.7 WP6 Training videos for new services of the EU-LA Portal 18 Deliverables
D6.8 WP6 Report on Case Studies 20 Deliverables
D6.9 WP6 Report on Key Research Communities 24 Deliverables
D7.1 WP7 Dissemination Plan 1 Deliverables
D7.2 WP7 Project Website 4 Deliverables
D7.3 WP7 Updated Dissemination Plan 12 Deliverables
D7.4 WP7 Impact Metrics Measurement First Period 12 Deliverables
D7.5 WP7 Flyers and merchandising to disseminate the project 18 Deliverables
D7.6 WP7 Impact Metrics Measurement Second Period 20 Deliverables
D7.7 WP7 Dissemination Actions Report 24 Deliverables


The ELCIRA project is funded by the EC FP7 - e-Infrastructures Programme DANTERENATARNPGARRRedIRISTERENARedCLARAEC - FP7 Programme - e-Infrastructures