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Work Package 6 (WP6): Fostering the Collaboration between EU and LA Researchers


  • To identify, create and/or empower joint LA-EU research groups /communities that work or could work together on projects of benefit for both regions.
  • To promote the use of electronic collaboration tools to facilitate and enhance the joint work of EU-LA Research Groups/Communities.
  • To foster capacity-building in organising and managing virtual research communities within the Latin American region and with their EU counterparts.
  • To promote all European and other international funding agency calls through the active dissemination of information and videoconference contacts with the Latin American academic community, fostering in this way the use of HQVCS between LA and EU.

Description of work and role of partners

This WP is aimed at improving collaboration between Latin American and European researchers through the use of access to information, dissemination of funding opportunities, training and supporting the use of electronic collaboration tools and other activities. The idea is to become a driving force to identify, empower and promote cooperation and the reciprocal interchange of ideas and the submission of joint research proposals by research groups in both regions.

T6.1 – To foster the development of joint research communities between LA and EU
Leader: RedCLARA
In this task we will build upon the LA Research Communities identified during the ALICE2 Project, identify their possible EU counterparts and foster the establishment of research collaborations. A database will be build with the identified user communities which will also include, but will not be limited to the ALFA Projects, the
FP7 Projects and the CYTED Research Groups. VC Meetings will be promoted to create trust among the user groups. This will also serve as an excellent promotion mechanism for the service being developed by WPs 3 and 5.

T6.2 – To disseminate funding opportunities for joint LA-EU collaboration through the extensive use of the electronic tools provided by WPs 3 and 5.
Leader: RedCLARA
This task will organise and advertise, on a six month base, regional videoconferences (EU-LA), for each funding programme, e.g. FP7, ALFA and CYTED. These activities will enhance direct contacts between the EU Project Officers and EU National Contact Points (NCP) of each EU country on the one hand and Latin American researchers and personnel of the national Science and Technology funding agencies (ONCyTs) on the other.

T6.3 – To elaborate a BluePrint to implement Large Scale inter-continental Videoconferences.
Leader: RedCLARA
The successful experience of organising and implementing 2010 and 2011 InfoDays between Europe and Latin America has to be systematised and disseminated as a BluePrint Document. This step-by-step guide will provide a protocol to efficiently organise and implement Large Scale Videoconferences for a large region with a wide
distribution of research groups. The idea is to reuse the protocol to reproduce the experience in other world regions and for other events, such as the ones that will be carried on to disseminate the Horizon 2020 Program.

T6.4 – To foster the use of electronic collaboration tools for research communities collaboration activities
Leader: RedCLARA
This task will devise and implement a plan to closely follow-up on activities of the RedCLARA registered communities and EU-LA identified communities, in order promote the appropriation by these groups of the collaboration environments and tools that will be made available by WPs 3 and 5. The initial step will be that they
use current RedCLARA Portal and adopt the Pilot Portal as it becomes available. This will be done by:

  • Implementing a series of video tutorials for environments and tools available at the RedCLARA Portal.
  • Implementing a online first level user support for the environments and tools
  • Developing three videoconference workshops to discuss the specificities for environments and tools for advanced users

T6.5 –To foster best practices to organise, develop and promote cooperation among RedCLARA-registered
Virtual Research Communities
Leader: RedCLARA
Firstly this task will continue to promote the successful RedCLARA Case Studies Contest, now associating it with an annual prize for the best community. This is an open competition for all communities in Latin America that rewards a VRC that uses the RedCLARA network effectively for its research processes and developments.
In addition to the award, RedCLARA will advertise and share their successful practices with other regional communities highlighting how RedCLARA is helping them to enhance their research capabilities and, by extension, the development of science, academy, technology and innovation in the Latin American region. The idea will be to award the three best experiences with communities having Latin American and European Union partners. Secondly, we will also disseminate the catalogue of best practice on a quarterly base Research Virtual Days: a videoconference meeting where RedCLARA communities will present their achievements and plans to consolidate and promote the communities. Finally reinforcing and advertising the "looking for partners" facility available on the RedCLARA Portal.

T6.6 – To identify real and potential facilities (Instruments, Database, Computational Resources) that produce or/and will produce significant amounts of data
Leader: RedCLARA
The idea will be to use these facilities and the groups/centres/institutes that operate them in order to build case studies to disseminate these experiences that can help new uses and users of these datasets and/or build communities around these instruments that can be remotely operated (partially or fully) via the e-infrastructure deployed by the successful EU-LA implementation of the RedCLARA network and its associated tools and services.


The ELCIRA project is funded by the EC FP7 - e-Infrastructures Programme DANTERENATARNPGARRRedIRISTERENARedCLARAEC - FP7 Programme - e-Infrastructures