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In particular, ELCIRA seeks:

(i) To promote the trustworthy exchange of information between research groups in Latin America and Europe by fostering the creation of federations for authentication, authorisation and identity (AAI) mechanisms.

(ii) To strengthen the collaboration in developing and deploying cooperation services and tools capable of better integrating the research communities of Europe and Latin America by:

a. Working towards the integration and operation of videoconference services for Latin America and Europe, by defining documentation and processes for agreeing on a set of standards such as addressing scheme and directory systems necessary for future interoperable services.

b. Enhancing and strengthening the collaboration of Europe and Latin America in service development activities through the integration of the existing RedCLARA Portal services with TERENA's tools. The future services will be analysed and piloted as cloud services developed by, deployed by or made available within the two research and education communities.

(iii) To establish the necessary co-ordination and agreements to move towards better integrated mobility services for researchers by establishing the necessary agreements to deploy a federated eduroam service for Latin America and to establish an eduroam Exchange Point for Latin American NRENs as well as supporting thenecessary dissemination activities with the NRENs in order to foster its deployment by RedCLARA's partner NRENs.

(iv) To actively promote the participation of Latin American researchers in European Commission Calls and other international funding agencies with high impact in the region.


The ELCIRA project is funded by the EC FP7 - e-Infrastructures Programme DANTERENATARNPGARRRedIRISTERENARedCLARAEC - FP7 Programme - e-Infrastructures