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October 6th, 2014
Porto Alegre in Brazil is the first eduroam city in Latin America

ELCIRA’s interactive map shows Research Groups from Europe and Latin AmericaOn September 26th, 2014 the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), the Data Processing Company of the Municipality of Porto Alegre (Procempa) and RNP sign an agreement to formalize the availability of eduroam service, for the access to the secure wireless network in the city of Porto Alegre for the academic community. With this action this city became the first city in Latin America to offer access to eduroam in public places for academics and researchers, students and members of the institutions users of the service.


The 15 locations that will initially have the service available are: Redemption Park, Ipiranga Avenue, Square November Fifteen, Princess Isabel Avenue, DEMHAB (Municipal Department of Housing), Borges de Medeiros Avenue - SMOV and SPM (Department of Public Works and Transportation and Department of Planning), Marinha do Brasil Park, Azenha Avenue (DMLU Department of Urban Cleaning), Public Market, Gasômetro Plant, Marine Park of Brazil (SME Municipal Secretary of Sports), Largo Glênio Peres , Largo dos Açorianos, Catholic Isabel Square, Viaduct Dom Pedro I and Alfândega Square.

"We hope that the availability of eduroam in public places in Porto Alegre becomes an example for other cities in Brazil with projects and wireless networking services," says Antônio Carlos Fernandes Nunes, Deputy Director of Services Management of RNP. "Our goal is to spread out this initiative, expanding the coverage of eduroam" he adds.


Managed and operated in Brazil by RNP, the service offers free and secure wireless Internet to the global academic community and in 2014 came to have over a thousand access points in Brazil. As a result, Latin America has become the second region of world with the bigger coverage of eduroam, only behind Europe, where the service began.

This growth was helped in large part by the leadership of Brazil in the ELCIRA project (Europe Latin America Collaborative e-Infrastructure for Research Activities) with the activities for the deployment of identity federations and dissemination of eduroam in Latin America, a Project coordinated by the Latin American Cooperation of Advanced Networks (RedCLARA), with funding from the European Community.

The advances made by ELCIRA enabled the formation of a Latin American Confederation of eduroam to discuss the inherent issues of the region, and started the Global eduroam Governance Committee (GeGC), entity of which Brazil is a member since 2012, the year of release of eduroam in the country by the National Research and Education Network (RNP).

With a secure wifi network, the service allows users to connect to the internet from any location that has an eduroam access points, and the authentication is done with the credentials of their home institution. Thus, it is enough that the institution is user of the eduroam service and that user has configured its computer, mobile phone or tablet to detect the wireless network automatically. In Brazil, to provide the service the requirement for an institution of education and research is to be homologated in the Federated Academic Community (Comunidade Acadêmica Federada, CAFe).

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