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June 17th, 2014
CUDI enables eduroam service in Mexico

CUDI enables eduroam service in MexicoIn the context of TICAL2014, held in May 26 to 28 May in Cancun, Mexico the Mexican national network, CUDI, established for the first time the eduroam service for the local and foreign educational community that participated in the Conference. The link had a capacity of 1Gbps and access points to support over 1500 mobile devices.


eduroam (education roaming) is a worldwide mobility service, developed for academic and research community, which allows researchers, academics, students and staff from participating institutions to have Internet connectivity in the participating institutions by simply opening their laptops or using their smartphones or tablets.

eduroam-mx, was established under the ELCIRA Project and is part of the global mobility space operated by the European academic networks and TERENA (Trans-European Research and Education Networking Association) which cover Europe through eduroam Europe, and spread around the world through eduroam Canada, eduroam U.S. and eduroam APAN (Asia and Pacific). With the inclusion of Mexico, there are now eight Latin American countries participating in eduroam.

CUDI enables eduroam service in Mexico









For the eduroam service CUDI enabled 2 servers that allowed to answer the requests of authentication and authorization of international participants that were part of the conference, 1) the Federated server eduroam-mx and 2) the Radius Local TICAL-Mx server, both located at the offices of the Mexican NREN, CUDI.

The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and the Metropolitan Autonomous University (UAM) will be the first institutions members of CUDI that will provide this service to its users.

How to apply for the service?
To use the eduroam service-mx, institutions members of CUDI, through its representative, should send an email to the General Director of the Corporation, Mr. Carlos Casasús to the email account, requesting the inclusion of their institution to the eduroam confederation. CUDI will send the request to eduroam-mx.

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