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News 2014

April 4th, 2014
ELCIRA takes part of the ICRI exhibition area

On April 2 to 4, 2014, the ELCIRA project participated in the Research Infrastructures Exhibition of the 2nd International Conference ICRI 2014, held in Athens, Greece.

By: Tania Altamirano L.

6th ELCIRA Steering Committee Meeting The activity hosted 26 booths where organisations, initiatives and other major European and international stakeholders related to research infrastructures presented their achievements in an interactive and visual format.

During the exhibition ELCIRA share a booth with the CHAIN-REDS project where the visitors had the opportunity to watch training videos, participate in demos and received promotional material with information of the initiative.

By the side of ELCIRA participated Mario Reale from GARR, WP5, and Tania Altamirano from RedCLARA, WP7, and from CHAIN-REDS, Giuseppe La Rocca from INFN.

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