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News 2014

February 27th, 2014
In Belgium: 6th ELCIRA Steering Committee Meeting

Representatives of the Work Packages of the Project are participating in the Steering Committee Meeting which is being held in Brussels, Belgium on February 27 and 28, 2014 at Belnet, the Belgian national research network.

By: Tania Altamirano L.

6th ELCIRA Steering Committee Meeting

In the picture
• Left:

Diego Rincón Yáñez, RENATA, Colombia
Brook Schofield, TERENA, The Netherlands
Thomas Fryer, DANTE, United Kingdom
Leandro Guimarães, RNP, Brazil
Antônio Carlos Fernandes Nunes, RNP, Brazil

• Right:
Mario Reale, GARR, Italy
Lucas Giraldo, RENATA, Colombia
Fernando Liello, GARR, Italy
Gustavo García, RedCLARA, Colombia
Florencio Utreras, RedCLARA, Chile
Claudia Chaparro, RENATA, Colombia




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