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News 2014

January 17, 2014
Questions -or just curiosity- about the services?
ELCIRA presents four training videos

In order to foster collaboration between Europe and Latin American researchers, RedCLARA is focusing on the creation and establishment of virtual research communities cooperating between both regions. Through the ELCIRA Project those communities have the opportunity to use virtual tools that enhance and strengthen their work, offering them the opportunity to share and interact with their peers all over the world.

By: Tania Altamirano L.

These videos explain how to use the following four available services:

Large Files Transfer 1. Servicio Integrado de Videoconferencia (SIVIC, Videoconference Integrated Service)
SIVIC allows users, in one single space, to organize video conferences (both, desktop or room videoconference) in different countries, allowing all participants to book their own videoconference rooms in the region. Researchers can book the date and time for the meeting and invite other colleagues. The system can also make the activity public, increasing the event’s visibility.
See the video:

Large Files Transfer2. VCEspresso
VCEspresso is a desktop videoconference system that makes possible that a geographically distributed research group share, in real time, texts, images & sound up to 20 connections. VCEspresso enables a constant contact among the members of a community or with other research groups.
See the video:

Large Files Transfer3. Large Files Transfer
This service allows users to transfer files up to 1GB to one or more users. The user has the possibility to upload the file to the RedCLARA server and receives an URL where it is storage for ten days and from where it can be easily downloaded.
See the video:

Large Files Transfer4. Wiki Collaborative Tool
The Wiki tool is the standard collaborative environment to help researchers to produce a collective document and disseminate it through a website. This system is the same that makes Wikipedia such a success creating the most important initiative of collective intelligence and collective knowledge production.
See the video:



The ELCIRA project is funded by the EC FP7 - e-Infrastructures Programme DANTERENATARNPGARRRedIRISTERENARedCLARAEC - FP7 Programme - e-Infrastructures